Create your own Temp Mail

What is a Disposable Temporary Email?

Disposable Temprorary Email is a email ID that is generated for short period of time and Tempmailed is a service that creates a disposable email address that helps you from a business that sends spam, malware or advertising emails to your personal email address. You can generate multiple email addresses for free and use them on any number of websites. You will receive emails instantly which are sent by anyone on the internet. This is why many people are now choosing to use throwaway email addresses so that they can avoid dealing with annoying spammers. While there are certainly some benefits to dealing with spammers, there is also a huge downside, and that is dealing with all of the spam that comes in your regular inbox. It is much more difficult to keep track of all of the different spam that comes into your real email address than it is to just throw it away in a folder. This is why many people choose to go with a disposable temporary email address rather than a real email address that they would have to keep for the future.

How to use tempmailed?

You can click on any of the above button to create either a completely Random or Custom Email address.


Go to the website where you want to register and use that email address in the registration form.


Receive the verification here and verify your account without exposing your person email addresss.

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